Tree of life ~ a poem

Another tree grows into site so we flit our wings and change our mind, and though the storm reveals a weathered hand, we little birds get whirled around and lose the trail to lonesome lands, a flash of red amongst distant pine, just the hint of a spark to reset our hearts on fire, urges... Continue Reading →

The broken and the damned – a poem

Too broken to remember. Too tired to reform. Teeth pack tight and fall away. Stumble into another day. Take light rain and not the storm. Still far from anyone. At least I know I'm not the sun. - Thanks for looking! If you did enjoy this post, consider following us for more poetry, musings and... Continue Reading →

A message to the rain.

Hullo rain. Not seen you in a while. It's not so often that you relieve me, revitalize me. More often you irritate me. But when you appear like this so suddenly, powerfully, as another dawn scrapes a humid night away, you seem vital, and I welcome you with calm elation - let you strip the... Continue Reading →

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