I’m Liam, and I’m James and this is Untitled Collective. Untitled Collective is about exploring ideas. The ones which make us laugh, the ones which provoke thought and discourse and the ones which challenge us to see the world beyond the lens we’re given. Our stronger ideas often progress from weaker ones, serious ones from silly ones and profound ones from the seemingly insane. Rogue ideas helped form the foundation of our friendship and will serve as the starting point for Untitled Collective. So after a 2 year long bout of fear and laziness (more on that later), we’ve decided it’s nigh on time to actually share some of them with you.

Right now, we’re travelling the world (China/Aus/Nz) and ideas are popping out of every park, train and waterfall. We’ve been ready for a few of them and we hope you’ll join us on this voyage of ideation.

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