It’s been a while.

Yes, its been a while.. I should probably talk on all the epic adventures we’ve been having here over the last few weeks in New Zealand – these are surely the things that will entertain and inspire others in their own journeys and ambitions. Somewhere here, experienced but unwritten, await all those remarkable moments that travel is endlessly associated with; and yet, a middle aged me would be bored and ashamed to look back at this, my current disposition, which whilst travelling the world, pondered only over menial things, and made no moves to reflect on and convey the most spectacular moments of his days. What of all the labyrinthine caves and the lofty gorges and the 48 hour long hikes? You’d say… Where were those written? I can’t very well remember that far back without some assistance, can I? Well, no. But you should know at least, that it was (amongst other things) your fear of inadequacy that held you back. An unrequiting concern for you’re inadequacy in illuminating the sheer and overwhelming grandeur of this place. You were also a lazy bugger…

Well, wha…

…no wait, there’s more.. In all honesty, you struggled with this whole blogging thing a bundle – thoughts ran away and left you stranded. This for example, how do you interact with an audience that seems indifferent to your experience? Is it worth all the effort of accumulating these moments and inspirations and ideas and putting them out there for people to see? Are we not inundated with choice already? If someone has 20 minutes or an hour and a choice between their favorite netflix show, or a conversation with a family member, or a well acquainted youtuber and then the stuff that we folk are sharing, is it not more likely that they will choose the former? What do we do with the time that is given us? Well, we award it to people we have already created a connection with, there lies the degree of certainty of knowing we will be entertained or educated by them, those who have refined their qualities and niches and talents far further than us lowly men of wordly ambition.

Who out there is listening? And what do we have that’s worth listening to? I’d rather keep it to myself and no-one know than put myself out there and no-one care. I don’t know the answers here, these thoughts have defeated me far too long. What’d you say future me, what wisdom would you impart?

You’d say, Liam? Is that you? All you’ll ever have is the value you yourself derive from creating these things, everything else should lie outside your circle of concern. Acknowledge the futility in your predicament, let go of all desire for renown on account of your quiet and unhealthy obsession with it and sail into the sunset on golden wings.

Well, thank you, future me, for setting a plagued man straight.

– Having drawn these silly notions up in the grander context of things, I’ll try from now to break through some of my anxiety and convey some worthy sentiment.

Look forward to future posts.

Do you find this blogging stuff a struggle some times? What wisdom has been useful to you?

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