The plane journey

The plane journey was a riot? I don’t know what to say.. 16 hours of fragmented sleep and dodgy food. I forgot to tell them I was vegetarian so I’m picking through the gravy noodles, flicking out bits of steak from the tinfoil container and relishing the icy banana they provide me with as respite. The emirates hostesses were preened and perfect, sweeping along the aisles in their delicate lines, smiling, bowing, turning, tuning their performances to every whiff and whim. Corporate ballerinas 100 miles in the air, steak dinner, pirouhette, chicken dinner, curtsy, red wine? Yes please, mind your leg, repeat. An ageing viola player sits two to the right, Australia bound for a symphony with his usual crew. Our dialogue together is spirited, and we dont miss the opportunity to cross off the 100th time relaying the particulars of our travelling route, making sure to pause and urr just enough between each location so that it sounds to be our very first utterance. We take a wander. Dwayne Johnson grins and flexes from the screens of half the flight deck. Either Statham or Effron grin and flex back.

I squeeze out a cheeky poo – moreso to see that special flush you get on planes/trains than to satisfy my bowels intentions.. I tap a little green touch pad and my guy is sucked out into some oblivion with the force of a rocket. Does anyone actually know where they’re removed to? I like to imagine them flying out the bottom of the airplane 1 by 1 by 1, bouncing bettys, terrors in the sky… ‘Well that certainly wasn’t a pigeon’…

Time for a nap. An hour later, I don’t feel like reading or viewing or even talking. Only thinking. They’re not all silly thoughts though. I’m somewhat nervous. They’re here, finally… Pesky butterflies. I’d wondered when they’d arrive. I imagine the banal focus on trip planning over the preceding months had managed to hold them off. Now, here it was. 5 months, travelling the world. Only a thought we’d been pondering for the past 4 or 5 years, building toward a truly epic vision for a trip that had pushed us through our darkest days at university and had at one moment entertained the rogue decision to pursue a placement year, big year. Now at last, this was a vision we were living into, and I could be forgi…hang on the hostess is handing me a refreshment towel, mmm, hot n peng… better not get used to this ey. Where were we? Ah the vision yes. Well more on that later… Let’s not push it all in the first post hm?

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